‘The Was’ –


  • ‘The Was’ is an Era in which time did not exist. It had no beginning nor end, and is more accurately described as a different plane of existence than what would be referred to the present or even the past. Nobody could reach ‘The Was’ by traveling back in time through conventional means (if common chronomancy to that extent was possible). Since it is a different realm, it is impossible to say how long it lasted, and little is long about such a strange time.
  • It is commonly believed that in Nacre Then’s infancy, Khuros had decided to share his creation with other beings. So he created the ‘primordials’. The primordials were eight feet tall humanoid creatures. They were slim and had no facial features to speak of, their distinctions being that they look like they are a marbled white and black obsidian. They speak through telepathy. This was an intelligent and vastly powerful race, and their magic Source was the Sun. Being such a close power, their magic rivaled that of Khuros himself, who uses the same Source for his magic. He grew fearful of their power, and thus shattered them and their beings into five fragments, each holding a different aspect of sentience and having a different affinity of element and Source. The act of fragmenting the primordials is what ‘begins’ the First Era.
Name Aspect Magic Source Affinity
Fide Torru (humans) Tenacity The Stars Arcane
Al’Tari Wisdom The Moon Fire
Koh Liir Agility The Air Air
Rinla Bulven Strength The planet Earth
Maw Deter Intuition The water Water


  • [Major Spoilers for Sorik’s Series] In reality, though, Khuros did not create the Primordials in the same way that a cake cannot be separated into its ingredients. While the Primordials did exist in The Was, they were actually created in the Fourth Era. In The Was, the Primordials were not content with their existent. They grew discontent with the world they were given, so they focused all their power to send one of their own to another dimension, planning on following. They lost their telepathic connection with that Primordial, however, and this plan never went through. The Primordial that was sent through is known as the Skyshard. Out of touch with the rest of its people, it goes crazy and corrupts Vasrand. With no other options of communicating its people in The Was, it decides to combine the races into new Primordials. Eventually, he achieves this goal, but the Primordials that are created are the first ones to be created. Upon the order of events that occur, the Primordials use their power to willfully “return” to The Was.



First Era –


  • The First Era begins when the four races begin their wars. This Era is a relatively primitive time. The most advanced is the use of iron, and the humans stole most early technological advancements from the Al’Tari. This time period is generalized by the fact that the Al’Tari enslaved the Fide Torru for the majority of this Era.
  • 40.1E: The First Al’Tarian War ends. The Al’Tari annihilate the humans’ military might, then put them to brutal servitude under their rule.
  • 372.1E: First occurrence of the Weave. This rare event is a day where the Sun and the Moon rise on opposite sides of the horizon. Their light and power move in tangent across the surface of Nacre Then, and as a result of this, the Sun’s magic interlaces with the magic of the Moon, planet, and air, but not the stars. This event looks similar to the Aurora Borealis, and all races grow far more powerful during this time, with the exception of the humans, since the Sun’s magic has no interaction with other stars. The Al’Tari can utilize this power to harness the magic of both the Sun and the Moon at the same time. Under repeated significant resistance, the Al’Tari judge it best to use the Weave to strip the humans of their magic ability. The curse they placed upon the humans basically ripped their magic souls out of them, creating the sprites that persist throughout the Eras.
  • 513.1E: A small band of humans escapes the tyrannical rule of the Al’Tari, fleeing to the otherwise barren sub-continent of Vasrand. These people are not the first to escape, they are simply the first band of refugees that survive.
  • 980.1E: Second occurrence of the Weave.
  • 1202.1E: The Skyshard lands in Vasrand, and begins corrupting the land around it. The humans adapt quickly to it, even harnessing its power to reinvent a new type of magic; one that uses the Skyshard as a Source.
  • 1588.1E: Third occurrence of the Weave.
  • 1696.1E: Autlan rises to power, leading the human resistance. His resolve inspires the people, and through sheer willpower, begins the Second Al’Tarian War.
  • 1714.1E: The determination of the humans picks up the momentum, and the Al’Tari have grown too arrogant at this point, so the humans are able to overcome. After nearly two decades of fighting, the humans win, and Autlan orders the eradication of all remnants of the Al’Tari, civilian or otherwise. After some time, the humans believe themselves to have brought the Al’Tari to extinction, but in reality a few manage to escape into the underground, founding Er’Alanya and plotting their revenge.
  • 1719.1E: Autlan founds the first nation of human government, calling it “The Autlan Empire”, “The Crown Empire”, or simply “The Empire”. All are valid terms.



Second Era –


  • The Second Era begins when Autlan establishes the first organized government of human rule. At first it is much like the Al’Tarin government, which was a rule of a ‘council’, but as people had varying opinions and worldviews, Autlan changed this to a self rule where he made all final decisions. In this sense, it actually worked well, as he was a just king. Subsequent rulers were less considerate, and eventually the Autlan Empire became a kingdom of oppression. This Era is characterized by one of unity, and it was here that timberhorns were domesticated for use in commerce. For the time being, very little happens in the context of this Era.
  • 476.2E: Fourth occurrence of the Weave.
  • 623.2E: The Al’Tari sneak their way into the government of the Autlan Empire, bringing up logical points and forming a new Council. This council does answer to the king in the first few generations.
  • 853.2E: The Council of the Empire establishes the Warstorm, a national tournament of gladiatorial combat. To the commonfolk, it sees as though this event is intended to bring out the best fighters in Torreth, and increase the military strength of the nation. In actuality, the Al’Tari set the Warstorm up with the intention of killing off all of their best fighters to make the humans more easily conquered once they are ready to retake the surface.
  • 1084.2E: Fifth occurrence of the Weave. The Autlan Empire is invaded by the Koh Liir to the east, who use the Weave to cut through the Empiran forces, and set up a forward outpost. They don’t advance after the Weave subsides, but their floating cities make it impossible for the Empire to retake.
  • 1692.2E: Sixth occurrence of the Weave.
  • 1714.2E: The King, against the Council’s advice, sets up a small team of historians, his son included, with their task being to rediscover, reinvent, or at least learn why humans can’t use magic anymore.
  • 1716.2E: The historians uncover a piece of the Skyshard, and some being able to tap into its power to a miniscule degree, they learn how the curse works specifically (that they can’t channel magic directly into themselves like the other races), and they learn that they can use magic as long as they channel magic into something that isn’t themselves per se.
  • 1719.2E: The seven remaining people tap into the power that’s been locked for thousands of years. They become the Archons, break away from the Empire, and the seven of them declare war on it. With the beginning of the Archon War, the Second Era concludes.



Third Era –


    • The Third Era is best characterized by the rebirth of magic into the continent of Torreth. It begins with the introduction of the Archons and the Archon War. It is the deconstruction, reconstruction, and destruction of the nations of Torreth. The size of the Empire is cut in half and the other half is shattered into several nations of magic, each ruled by a different Archon. This is the beginning of the modern age, as the rediscovery of magic allows technological advancements to be far easier.


  • Relating to The Archon War — Northern Torreth


    • 2.3E: Calitha raises an army, and retakes the land lost by the Koh Liirans. She leaves their cities standing, and reclaims them for her own purposes, along with instating that land as hers.
    • 6.3E: Under the apparent and godlike power of the Archons, they form a more than reasonable agreement with the Empire: the Empire will surrender the northern half of Torreth in exchange for being able to step out of involvement in the Archon War, and thus the Archons will decide territorial claims between them.
    • 10.3E: More of the Archons begin to raise armies, and some of them also start teaching others their magic, segmenting their power in favor of numbers.
    • 12.3E: At this point, most of the Archons having territories and armies of mages, they begin to ally with one another. Verik, Aluvair, and Cedrine are allies on one side, while Calitha, Keht, and Zephirine ally on the other. Kitsuki takes a neutral standpoint on this, and recedes from the war with a small amount of territory to her claim.
    • 16.3E: Calitha and Zephirine mount an attack of immense proportions, using the weather to aide a force of tens of thousands of troops upon Cedria and Veritia simultaneously. In response, Cedrine and Verik combine their singular, immense power and condense their strength on one point. The magnitude of this strike is later referred to as The Great Sundering, as the sheer amount of power that is utilized here causes the very planet to tremble, and a quarter of the continent sinks below sea level to create the Xal Deer Sea, killing off thousands upon thousands of people. This singular event shocks the world, and the Archon War is brought to an end.
    • 17.3E: Kitsuki founds the Preservers, in memory of all that was lost in The Great Sundering. Their mission is to collect all knowledge the world has to offer, both by recording and collecting it. All seven of the Archons are named Keepers, leaders of the order.
    • 18.3E: Despite most of them have reservations against other Archons, they set aside their differences and beliefs to create the Library of the Preservers under one of the small islands off Kitsuya. This construction required the teamwork of all of the Archons, and is the largest singular man-made structure of all time.
  • 20.3E: At this point in a somewhat advanced age, Verik crafts his masterpiece, The Archive. This artifact was originally intended to be a major contribution to the mission of the Preservers, but once Verik realized just how powerful he was, he decided to keep it hidden from the other Archons, and the Preservers didn’t learn of its existence until long after the age of the Archons had passed.
  • 27.3E: Zephirine travels to Koh Liia, as he hears of their ability to pull magic from the air itself, as opposed to changing the air from using preexisting magic. When he gets there, the Koh Liir are astonished by his singular and absolute control of the air currents. They name him the Windcaller, and becomes all but a god to their kind. Despite this, he chooses to return to Torreth quickly, as he doesn’t wish to be pulled into the war between the Koh Liir and Rinla Bulven, since his older age dictates that regardless of what happens, he doesn’t have much time left. He takes a small band of devoted Koh Liir with him back to Zephira.
  • 32.3E: Aluvair’s daughter, Jenith, fascinated with Verik and his imbued artifacts, crafts an artifact of similar power, called the Soulsheath. She crafted it by killing her younger sister, Salenith, and using her blood as the primary essence to craft the blade. This sword actually takes somebody’s essence into the blade when it kills them, effectively taking a piece of their soul as they die. The wielder of this blade can hear the voices of those the blade has killed. A side effect of this blade is that it slowly consumes the soul if its owner, even if they don’t use it. As a result of this, hundreds of years later this blade has dozens of souls locked inside. Salenith’s voice is the most powerful and vocal since her essence is by far the most prevalent inside.
    • 580.3E: Seventh occurrence of the Weave.
    • 811.3E: Illaris’ brother, Cedrik is killed. She becomes the Veritian Keeper.


  • [Huge, 1,600 year gap where, currently, virtually nothing happens]


    • 1188.3E: Eighth occurrence of the Weave.
    • 1375.3E: A Calithan inventor discovers a way to use steam as a source of energy. This is the birth of an industrial revolution, centralized largely around Calitha and her trade ports due to the high demand for efficiency. This further solidifies Calitha’s stature as the center of trade, and their society starts relying on steampunk and the golems of Calithan mages for commerce.


  • Relating to Soldier of Na’Du — Autlan Empire


    • 1711.3E: The Garm Rebellion begins, headed by the Al’Tari under the pretense of the leader, Garm, who in reality doesn’t exist at all. Khir and Aria join the Crown Forces to fight against rebels.
    • 1714.3E: The Crown Forces come crashing down on the bulk of the Garm Rebellion, storming the city of Urohaul and all but razing it to the ground. It was this event that pressed the rebellion to take a defensive standpoint, and it also changed everyone’s perspectives on how far the Crown was willing to go to put down the rebels.
    • 1717.3E: The covert mission led by Khir to save Aleiah fails, leading to the death of Khir, and, they assume, Aleiah. Unbeknownst to them, however, she escapes and flees to Veritia, where she discovers magic and meets Sorik.
    • 1719.3E: Soldier of Na’Du begins. Tiel is drafted into the Crown Forces by order of the Al’Tari Council. During the events of Soldier of Na’Du, The Al’Tari reveal themselves to the Autlan Empire, after the civil war comes to a climax. Their plan succeeds, and the Autlan Empire falls at the same time the Sorik causes the Rupture. Either can be considered the official beginning of the Fourth Era.
  • 1703.3E: Ulrik, the Keeper of Veritia, and Ehdrik, his brother, conspire against the rest of the Preservers (more specifically, the Keepers) because they see through their corruption. The Preservers try to off Ulrik and replace him with Ehdrik as Keeper so that all seven Keepers will be in agreement of starting the movement to retake Torreth and name the Keepers the leaders of every country, as the Archons were in their time. Little do they know Ehdrik plays as a double-agent, and he and his brother have plans to undermine their authority and start revitalizing the Preservers towards their original goal: to seek and record knowledge.
  • 1705.3E: Their plan falling short just before they are reader, and the Keepers find out where Ehdrik’s loyalties truly lie. Ulrik and Ehdrik forced to flee Veritia, being hunted by the Preservers and his son being in danger because of it. He gives his son to an old friend [Professor-man] and sets off with Ehdrik to Vasrand.
  • 1717.3E: Delanden uses his wit to get himself into Zephirine’s temple, a structure that hasn’t been entered since the Archon’s time, because the path one must take to get there has no air to breathe, and Zephirine had intended his next of kin to use air magic to get there. Instead, Delanden made a bubble of air using water magic to get there.
  • 1719.3E: Sorik uses the power of the Archive to (accidentally) cause the Rupture, the single most destructive event since The Great Sundering and creation of the Xal Deer Sea. This event wipes out the entirety of the Veritian people and the country as a whole, creating a wasteland where once a lush forest stood proud.



Fourth Era –


  • The Fourth Era is a tumultuous time of strife, distrust, and hatred. It begins with both the fall of the Autlan Empire and the Rupture. These events set quite a few things in motion, and the combination of these crises puts Nacre Then in unprecedented danger. Currently, this is the “last” Era, as in nothing is Archived beyond Sorik’s influence of Torreth during this time.
  • 2.4E: Under the horrors the Rupture caused, the governments of Northern Torreth have a majority ruling that magic, with exceptions, should be banned, as its misuse can lead to serious, international consequences as with the Rupture. The largest exception being the use of Calithan golems for the use of manual labor. The Preservers are also above this law, since they don’t follow the specific rule of any government.
  • Relating to Kitsuki’s Emissary
    • 10.4E: Years after having taken the blade up following the events of Soldier of Na’Du, Varth forfeits his life to the Soulsheath.
    • 48.4E: The Soulsheath is shattered [Somehow], and the past owners of the sword (those whose essence in the blade is stronger) escape. Having been given a chance at a new life, Varth finds love and soon afterwards has two kids: Aron and [Jin’s birth name].
    • 58.4E: Kitsuki, not yet awoken, is kidnapped by the Preservers. Her current family is fragmented, her parents killed and her younger sisters left to find themselves in other parts of the world.
    • 59.4E: Aron is kidnapped by the Preservers, and Varth begins to train his younger son in the art of combat and killing so that he can find him and take revenge.
    • 60.4E: The events of Kitsuki’s Emissary take place. Aron (Archeus) is brought to the Island of the Kitsuyan Keeper, learns magic, discovers and awakens Kitsuki, and sets his eyes on becoming a Keeper of the Preservers.
  • 68.4E: Senture and her sisters begin the underground movement to keep magic alive in the world. This movement has the largest following in Kitsuya, where they are from, but its reach extends across the ocean to the far reaches of the Kethan desert.
  • 73.4E: The Preservers, searching for the Archive and the Oracle, find themselves in the ruins of the college Sorik had attended. The deckhand and servant Caylia discovers Sorik’s body, and, him being still in the time-locked stasis the Archive put him in, secretly brings him aboard the Preservers’ ship. He wakes up soon after, and the events of “Sorik’s Series” are set in motion.
  • 76.4E: Ninth occurrence of the Weave. The Al’Tari use this Weave to emerge from the underground to once again declare a full war on humankind.
  • Other occurrences after Sorik wakes up:
    • Jin invents the zeppelin, and this changes world travel.
    • Vasrandi people invade the Northern coast of Torreth.
    • The Else beings consume Vasrandi.
    • Sorik gains full control of his power by communing with Verik?