Not as I Should

I see as I wish
But not as I should
“Not even Shadow
Can black out the Good”

My senses are keener
So I stand resolute
Against the doubt and fear
That would ever take root

I see truth that others cannot
The truth is, some wars can’t be won
No victory is permanent.
The pain of loss?
Second to none.

Behind years of patience, I understood.
Light often filters through shuttered windows
But it bleaches, blinds, and burns if it could.
Shutters are shields, so you can see as you wish.

Had I the Head

Had I the head that knew just how to speak
I’d tell you why you mean so much to me
And could I not hold strong when things look bleak
No one would know when ever I they see

Were I the man that knew no sense of pain
I’d stay behind to see you on your way
And could reciprocation come from rain:
“Cold, cruel Mistress, come hide the Light away”

If I were the one that you loved so dear
Perhaps once again the sun would shine bright
Darkness has heralded my greatest fear
And I doubt I ever could see the Light

So, why do you seem to hide as you do?
Happiness, what have I done to wrong you?

In Hand

The perfect couple we make, you and me
Respected and awed, you are my true love
When you’re at my side, I’m safe as can be
Cherished and adored, given from above

You call forth fire from the hearts of men
Like the magma that sleeps under mountains
Flying up high on the wings of a wren
Crafting the most powerful fountains

Though fight as we might, our time will expire
Our time on this world will come to an end
Bringing me through the situations dire
Our time together brings our foes to a rend

So united we stand, with hand in sword
One final stroke, cutting the final cord